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SW+ Project Build - Stage 7 The PA circuit

Build instructions by Paul M0BMN

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Stage 7 The PA circuit

here are the few parts we need for this


Just R29 51ohm Green-Brown-Black


C12 220uF Ele Cap 220uF 25V
C35 0.01uF

Ceramic Disk Marked '103M' or 103

C36 0.1uF Small Yellow Pillow Type Marked '104'
C37 1000pf Small Yellow Pillow Type Marked '102J' or '102'
C38 0.0022uF Small Yellow Pillow Type Marked '222J' or '222'
C39 1000pf Small Yellow Pillow Type Marked '102J' or '102'
C40 100pf Small Yellow Pillow Type Marked '101J' or '101'

Now more coils to wind

Don't you just love um!

L2, L3 & L4 winding details are on page 14

I'm sure you can do it now, just follow the instructions , when done they should look like the ones below

Photograph of L2, L3 and L4 with wire fitted and ends tinned

Well that's the last inductors you need to wind for this kit

Don't forget to fit RFC3 too, its 22uH Red-Red-Black-Gold

Now The semiconductors

D12 33V Zenner on that yellow card

D6-D10 IN4148

Q6 PA Transistor Marked C2166

Right on with the build fit the resistor first

Then The capacitors

next the diodes, don't mix them up and make sure you fit them the right way round!

Now Fit RFC3

Now fit the Inductors we that we enjoyed winding so much, following the instructions in the manual.

finally fit the PA transistor

Now look at my picture below to make sure you fit it the right way round

Photograph of finished PCB

We if you have made it this far your doing really well, we just have the alignment to do before the radio can be declared built!

Go to stage 8 for the final installment

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