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Hi and Welcome to my little corner of the FISTS web site, here you will find some interesting projects, most will have appeared in Keynote, our magazine or will be appearing in future editions.

The idea of these projects is to give the keen homebrewer some ideas for little projects, please feel free to use the information on these pages to build anything you like the look of, 
I have tried to include instructions and possible Strip board layouts for the projects, some of these projects I will offer as DIY 'kits' ,
these kits are really here to save you needing to shop around for parts but are not commercial kits with fancy PCB's 
These kits are supplied with a Strip board  fitted with a printed mask that shows all links and part placements that make building these projects much easier.
If you have any feedback or photos of anything you make from this site then please send them to me at projects@fists.co.uk  Many Thanks

If you have any projects that others may like please send the details to me at the email address above and I will look at putting them up on this site.

73 Paul M0BMN

The Project Kits are now being supplied directly from me, I have a web site i have put online with all the kits, including the FMT Tutor,

Link to Web Site  www.phoenixkitsonline.co.uk

The Prices on line are NOT FOR FISTS MEMBERS, FISTS Members get around 20% reduction in the prices shown.

Email me direct with your requiments and i will reply with your reduced price. make sure you include your FISTS Number as I only offer this reduction to members.

Just for your information, profits from the web site sales are being used to Fund a scheme of Kits for Clubs, each year i will supply free kits to clubs running foundation or train courses,

It is intended to encourage young people to get into radio and communication as engineers.

If you run such a course let me know to register you on the scheme for this year. Last year I provide about 70 kits to different clubs over the UK.



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