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Terms and Conditions

1.  Definitions
"FISTS CW Club" is also referred to as "The Club", "the Club", "We" and "we".  (Elsewhere the Club is sometimes referred to as "FISTS (in) Europe", "FISTS UK" and "FISTS HQ".)

Where these Terms and Conditions refer to a number of days, these are calendar days.
2.  Who we are
FISTS CW Club is based in the UK and is run entirely by committee members and helpers, all of whom are unpaid volunteers.

The Club exists to promote the use of Morse code and friendship amongst members.  It was formed in 1987 and has been in continuous existence since then.

Our website is fists.co.uk.

We offer Full Memberships, Family Memberships and Club Memberships.

Full Membership is normally by paid subscription.  We welcome additional contributions to the Club funds beyond the membership fees and also provide a small number of items for sale.  Any surplus from the Club sales is added to the Club funds.

The Club funds are used to cover the costs of running the Club (for example printing and distributing the Club magazine, paying for the website hosting and printing/distributing certificates).  From time-to-time, we may use the funds to promote Morse code in other ways.  For example in 2011 we printed a set of leaflets for an event run for cub scouts.

We are allied to FISTS Americas, FISTS East Asia and FISTS Down Under.  We are affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and the European CW Association (EUCW).
3.  Membership Types
3.1  Full Membership
Full Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Morse code.  We welcome members from around the world, although we do not normally accept new members from the Americas, East Asia, Australia or New Zealand since these have their own FISTS clubs (FISTS Americas, FISTS East Asia and FISTS Down Under).

We may choose to waive the subscription fee if a member has provided exceptional support for the Club and Morse code, has extenuating circumstances or is less than 18 years old.

Full Members can opt for a postal subscription (the Club magazine "Key Note" is sent by post) or a digital subscription (the Club magazine "Key Note" is obtained by downloading it from the club website).

Full Members receive the following benefits:
  • A welcome pack for new members.  This is sent by post and includes a paper copy of the "Key Note" magazine (usually the previous Winter edition), a member certificate and information about the Club.
  • The Club magazine "Key Note".  This is issued four times each year.  Key Note is sent by post to members who have opted for a postal subscription.  Members who have opted for a "digital" subscription are notified by email when a new issue is available so that they can download/view their copy.  Notifications are also made on the Club website's home page, news page and other news channels (currently Twitter, Facebook, and RSS).
  • A QSL bureau.  The QSL bureau can be used to exchange QSL cards with members of FISTS CW Club in the UK, FISTS Americas, FISTS Down Under, FISTS East Asia, RSARS, RAFARS, RNARS and GQRP members.  QSL cards can also be sent to, but not received from, RSGB members.

    In order to receive QSL cards from the QSL Bureau, members in the UK must provide stamped, self-addressed envelopes.  Members outside the UK must instead provide postage.
  • Access to secure, members-only pages and files in the website's Members' Area.
  • Award certificates for operating achievements.  The Club provides an extensive set of Operating Awards.  On successful application for an award, a certificate recognising the award will be made available.
  • Certificates for FISTS CW Club operating activities.  The Club provides a range of on-air activities during the year.  Leaders in these activities will be awarded certificates.
3.2  Family Membership
Relatives of a Full Member living at the same address may join FISTS without paying a subscription fee.

They will enjoy the same membership benefits as a Full Member with the following limitations:
  • If the Family Member joins at the same time as the Full Member, one new member pack will be sent to the address.  The pack will include a certificate for each Family Member.  Family Members joining after the Full Member joined will not be sent a new member pack.
  • If the Full Member has a subscription with Key Note by post, only one copy of Key Note will be sent, addressed to the Full Member.
  • If the Full Member's membership lapses, any Family Members' memberships will lapse at the same time.
3.3  Affiliated Club Membership
Amateur radio clubs are eligible, without paying a subscription, to become affiliated with FISTS CW Club provided that:
  • At least one of their members is also member of FISTS CW Club.
  • The amateur radio club's committee approve the request.
Affiliated Clubs can be anywhere in the world except for the Americas, East Asia, Australia or New Zealand; clubs in these locations can apply for affiliation to FISTS Americas, FISTS East Asia and FISTS Down Under as appropriate.

The benefits of being an Affiliated Club are:
  • It demonstrates mutual support between the Affiliated Club and FISTS CW Club.
  • Priority for publishing club CW-related articles and links on the FISTS CW Club website and club magazine.
  • Affiliated Clubs, under their club callsign, are eligible to participate in FISTS CW Club awards and activities.
  • Contacts with Affiliated Club callsigns are worth additional points towards FISTS CW Club awards and activities.
4.  Joining the Club
4.1.  Joining as a Full Member
The subscription fee depends on the type of subscription (paper or "digital"), the location of the member (UK, Europe or rest-of-world) and is on a sliding scale depending on the month of joining, re-joining or renewing.

A list of fees is provided in the membership application form and the relevant web pages.

There is a fixed annual renewal date of the 1st April.  If an annual renewal membership fee is not received within three months of becoming due, membership will cease.

We can accept payment by credit card, debit card, Nochex, UK Postal Order, bank transfer, standing order and cheques drawn on a UK bank.

"Digital" subscribers agree to be added to an email distribution list so that they can be informed when a new "Key Note" is ready for download.  Only around 5 emails are sent to the email list per year.  List members are not allowed to post to the list and cannot see each other's email addresses, so there is no risk of spam.

To apply for FISTS CW Club membership, in addition to the subscription fee, we require the information on the application form to be sent by using the website application form, or by email, or by post to the addresses given in the Contacting Us section below.
On receipt of the application form information and payment, we will enroll the member and send out a new member pack within 21 days.  Additionally, provided we have been given an email address, we will send out an email with membership details within 21 days.

We reserve the right to refuse membership, in which case we will return the payment within 21 days.

Members may cancel membership within 30 days of receiving their new member pack for a full refund of the membership fee.
4.2.  Joining as a Family Member
Full Members can enrol members of their family living at the same address as FISTS Family Members.  They can do this at the time of joining, or at any time during their membership, by emailing details to the Membership Secretary.

There is no fee for Family Members and their membership remains current as long as the Full Member's membership is current.

We do not send out new member packs to Family Members.  However, if they join at the same time as the Full Member, we will include membership certificates in the Full Member's new member pack.

We send at most one paper copy of Key Note addressed to the Full Member.  However, Family Members can download Key Note from the website, and can be added to the email list (see 4.1 above) by contacting the Membership Secretary.
4.3.  Joining as an Affiliated Club
Radio clubs can enrol as Affiliated Clubs.

There is no fee for Affiliated Clubs.

FISTS CW Club Members or radio club committee members can nominate their radio club for affilation by emailing club details to the Membership Secretary.  At least one FISTS CW Club Member must also be a member of the affiliated club.  If the person nominating the radio club is not a committee member of the radio club, they must have the radio club's committee's approval to make the nomination.

We do not send out new member packs to Affiliated Clubs.
5.  Club Sales
The Club offers a few items for sale to members.

6.  Website
The Club website fists.co.uk, with the exception of some pages and files in the website's Members' Area, is for use by anyone.

Material from the website must not be reproduced without the Club's permission.  For assistance with this, please contact the webmaster .
7.  Committee
The Club committee members are:

Paul Webb, M0BMNlink textChairman, Rallies Manager
John Griffin, M0CDLlink textTreasurer, QRS Administrator
Rob Walker, M0BPTlink textQSL Bureau Manager
Graham Smith, G3ZODlink textMembership Secretary, Webmaster, Key Note Editor
Anne Webblink textClub Sales Officer
Mark Waldron, M0BLTlink text 
8.  Contacting Us
We will respond to letters, emails and phone calls as quickly as we can.  Please bear in mind that the Club is run by volunteers in their spare time.  Occasionally there may be delays in replies due to work, family commitments or holidays.

Except where stated below, we can be contacted as follows:

Telephone: +44 (0)751 9604732  (UK daytime/evening only)
8.1  Membership Enquiries
Email: link text
8.2  Club Sales Enquiries
Email: link text
Post: Anne Webb, FISTS Club Sales, 41 Lancaster Gardens, WOLVERHAMPTON, WV4 4DN, UNITED KINGDOM
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