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Here is a collection of software for Windows that FISTS members may find useful.


FISTS Log Converter (freeware) allows you to do the following:
  • Create logs for entering FISTS Activities such as the Ladder.
  • Track FISTS Awards such as the Basic Century and create applications for them.
  • If you don't have an existing logbook program, log your QSOs.
  • Create callsign checklists for printing via Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc.
The source logbook can be an ADIF file (most logging programs allow you to create one) or a Ham Radio Deluxe version 4 or 5 .MDB (Access database) logbook file or you can use the internal logbook supplied as part of the program.

CwGet (shareware) will allow you to decode Morse via the sound card in your PC - it works very well with well sent Morse, great in fact if it's sent with a keyer!

CwType (freeware) will allow you to use the keyboard to send Morse.  You can send complete files if you wish.

Morse Code Training

G4FON Morse Trainer (freeware) recommended by Paul M0BMN: "Very good and gives you the chance to set up practice with the sounds of real life intereference and hand sent Morse sound.  5 Stars - ideal for beginners."

MorseCat (freeware) by DK5CI and recommended by Herb OE5BFM, is a Morse code training program with many features.

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