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Angie G0HGA

This is an introduction that Angie wrote about herself in January 2005:
My name is Angie and I have been a radio amateur for 18 years and my callsign is G0HGA. I use mostly CW - morse code - and I run a few Yahoo groups for radio amateurs. I am not as active on the air as I once was because I have so many other interests and a disabled husband and a young cat needing my care. I am retired and worked in the legal profession for many years before moving to teaching as a primary school music specialist.

I have been interested in all things radio since I was quite young and that was a very long time ago and the radios we had when I was a child in the forties and fifities would certainly fetch some good prices today! I remember even before I started school trying to look inside the radiogram to see where Bow Bells was coming from and for those of you too young to remember, the BBC used the sound of Bow Bells before programmes started, think on the Home Service which is now Radio Four. In the sixties and seventies my husband and I used to go to the Audio Fairs at the Russell Hotel in London and later at Earls Court. I suppose it was natural I would eventually become a radio amateur and of course I have used valved transcievers although both my HF and VHF rigs are solid state. I remember with a TS520 years ago I could plate and load in fifteen seconds between changing bands!

Other than radio my interests are classical music and I once played viola in an amateur symphony orchestra. I am very interested in computing and I do all my own upgrading, repairs etc and am shortly to attempt MS Server 2003 MCP and hopefully progess to MCSA but it's hard and I am not very confident! I am a very keen digital photographer and enjoy photo editing and web design and I have my own websites.

I note the interest in cats on here and will sort out a photo of our cat, Spot, later on to use as an Avatar. Spot is about 15 months old and he came to live with us last August when his previous family next door moved to Ireland. He is black and white and very affectionate and playful and like most cats he rules the house and yes he owns us, rather than we own him

73 Angie G0HGA

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