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1990 Vibroplex Semi-Automatic (Bug) Key

This is a 1990 Vibroplex Semi-Automatic (Bug) Key from Dennis K6DF's Key Collection page. 
Dennis K6DF's 1990 Vibroplex Semi-Automatic (Bug) Key.  Click to go to its page on Dennis' website
This Morse key is termed a "semi-automatic" or "bug" key.  Dashes are formed by pressing and releasing the right-hand paddle, which is just a simple on/off switch.  When the left-hand paddle is pressed, a vibrating arm is used to send a series of dots for as long as the paddle is pressed.

Semi-automatic keys can be used to send Morse code faster and with less effort than a straight key, but require some skill.  They should be adjusted when changing speed or else when sending dots, the length of the dot and the space between dots becomes unequal, resulting in poor quality Morse code.

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