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AB4RH Key #1

This is Billy AB4RH, FISTS #15673's superb home made key #1. 
Billy AB4RH, FISTS #15673's home made key #1.  Click to go to Billy AB4RH's QRZ.COM page
This type of Morse key is termed a "straight key" and works by closing a contact when it is pressed and opening it when it is released.  Billy writes:
I love the looks of a solid brass key and always wanted to build one, but never thought I could do it.
One day I discovered the "Radiotelegraphy" group (http://www.radiotelegraphy.net/).  On the site are some links of real craftsmen who love to make keys, and are happy to share their wealth of information.   One post from Ron, G3YUH, interested me particularly, since he explained in detail how to make one with basic tools.
Subsequently, I thought I could do that.  Of course, I did not want to make an exact copy but add some of my own ideas.
What works is to use new blades for the hacksaw and a new flat file with lots of patience.  In addition I used a drill press which I also used as a basic lathe to make the knob.  Some improvements are still on order, for example to add silver contacts but it turned out better than I thought and the action is much better than what I had in the past.
It has now a special place in my shack, and I am so happy about it that I like to share my excitement.
Thanks to Billy AB4RH, FISTS #15673, for giving permission to include his key here.

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