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Paul's QRP Rigs

Paul M0BMN's small QRP CW transceivers caused a lot of interest at the Leicester Amateur Radio Show 2009.  For anyone who would like to build one, here are the details.

Photograph of the SW-80+ QRP CW transceiver.  Click for a large image SW-80+ from Small Wonder Labs (USA) (No longer available)
Paul built this as part of the FISTS club project a few years ago.  It is for 80m, VFO controlled and gives around 2.5 watts RF output:
The SW-80+ receiver is not quite as good as the Mosquita, but was less expensive, easier to make and available for more bands (80m/40m/30m/20m).

Rockmite from Small Wonder Labs (USA)
This is crystal-controlled (I can't remember which band Paul's is on) and gives around 500 milliwatts RF output:
The Rockmite is available for 80m/40m/30m/20m but is limited by being on a fixed frequency.  It uses a crystal as an input filter, which helps eliminate broadcast interference (this can otherwise be a problem with simple receivers).

Miss Mosquita from QRPproject (Germany)
This is for 40m and is VFO controlled with around 5 watts RF output:
Paul rates the receiver in this one as better than the SW-80+ transceiver, but the construction is harder.  Also, it's only available for 40m and is more expensive than the SW+ series.

Photograph of the dummy load in an Altoids tin with a voltage/power graph on the inside of the lid.  Click for a large image. Dummy Load in an Altoids tin
Paul also had a very neat dummy load built into an Altoids (sweets) tin - again very nicely made.  This is home-brew and not a kit, but is similar to one provided by Elecraft:

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