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DXCC League for FISTS CW Club

Downloaded 22 July 2024
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1VK3OU267 6 323346394033371     
2VK2PN212 8 17167126291530      
3VK3HJ186109 131336313023201     
4VK3QB174 5 313614223 9      
5VK6WX159 1 23656161810281     
6ZL2AIM157 2 24173131111031      
7ZL4TE137 1 127302541516      
8ZL3PAH100 3 135196221418      
9VK4DRK8613 12113911414      
10VK3VB6211 492161244      
11VK1AAF19   6   7 6      


Club Log logo.
The data is from Club Log's DXCC Leagues using:

Rankby slots
Rank by bandTotals
Bands160m - 13cm excluding 8m and 5m
EntitiesCurrent and deleted
Date Filter2024
Filter byFISTS - FISTS CW Club

The list is downloaded from Club Log once per day.  The 'Slots' column contains the number of DXCC entities for each band added together.  Only callsigns known to belong to current members are included.

Members may appear in the list more than once with different callsigns, depending on whether their callsigns are linked together in their Club Log settings.

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