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FISTS National Club Stations

FISTS operates a number of Headquarters club stations.  These are worth extra points for Activities and Awards.  Details of these are given below.

All Headquarters callsigns except JL3YMV have their own CC numbers too - during your contact with the station, ask the operator to send it to you.

Stations belonging to affiliated clubs are also worth extra points (3 points in Centrury and QRP Awards); members can use the Member Lists page to find out if a callsign belongs to an affiliated club station.

FISTS in Europe

  • GX0IPX (G0IPX) FISTS #1.  Callsign held by John M0CDL.
  • GX3ZQS (G3ZQS) FISTS #2, in memory of Geo Longden G3ZQS, founder of FISTS.  Callsign held by Rob M0BPT.
  • MX5IPX (M5IPX) FISTS #7778.  Callsign held by Graham G3ZOD.

FISTS Down Under (Australia and New Zealand)

  • VK2FDU FISTS #9610.
  • ZL6FF FISTS #9600.  Note: the callsign ZM6FF was also used during the Titanic Sprint (16th April 2012).

FISTS East Asia

  • JL3YMV FISTS #15000.  For more information, please see the FISTS East Asia Chapter's Club Stations page.

FISTS Americas

  • KN0WCW FISTS #10000.  For more information, please see the FISTS Americas Chapter's KN0WCW page.

Points for Century and QRP Awards

Club stations are worth extra points in Awards:

Callsign FISTS Number Century & QRP
Awards Points
Has a CC number?
GX0IPX #1 5 Yes
GX3ZQS #2 3 Yes
MX5IPX #7778 3 Yes
ZL6FF & ZM6FF #9600 5 Yes
VK2FDU #9610 5 Yes
KN0WCW #10000 5 Yes
JL3YMV #15000 5 No

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