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WARC Bands

The WARC Bands are:

  • 30m: 10.100-10.150 MHz
  • 17m: 18.068-18.168 MHz
  • 12m: 24.890-24.990 MHz

(The bands may not be available, or not available in full, in some countries.)

There is a general agreement amongst the amateur radio community that these bands are not used in contests.  Due to the very narrow nature of 30m (50kHz), there is also an agreement that SSB is not used on 30m.

They are widely known as the "WARC Bands" because they were first allocated at the World Administrative Radio Conference (W. A. R. C.) in 1979.  They were first used on the air in the 1980s.

For details and a chart of the FISTS and QRP frequencies in the WARC and other bands, please visit the FISTS Frequencies page.

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