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News 2017

January 2017

  • 16 Jan 17: The FISTS BrassPounder January 2017 newsletter has just been published.

    BrassPounder provides the results and comments for FISTS CW Club on-air Activities in Europe/UK.

    This edition includes details of the Straight Key Week 2016 results and final 2016 Ladder results.

  • 15 Jan 17: The Vibroplex Bug Key Winners for 2016 have been announced in the FISTS CW Club Americas Cumulatives Report for January 2017.

    This newsletter contains the final results and soapbox comments for the 2016 FISTS Americas Cumulatives on-air activity and dates for the new 2017 activity sessions.

  • 13 Jan 17: Please join us in congratulating the recent FISTS CW Club Awards winners:

    IanG4MLW#130 Millionaire 8 Million Endorsement
    RonaldN7RD#2714 Silver Century, Millionaire, Prefix, Prefix 50 Endorsement, Prefix 100 Endorsement, Prefix 150 Endorsement
    AndySP9NLI#3741 Spectrum 20m
    PeterM5ABN#6423 Millionaire 4 Million Endorsement
    DerekM0DRK#8344 Millionaire 2 Million Endorsement
    ChrisG3XVL#16207 Silver Century, Millionaire 3 Million Endorsement, Rag Chewers 80m Endorsement
    MauroHB9FBG#16260 Millionaire 4 Million Endorsement
    JoeW8JPF#17164 Millionaire
    KepaEA6BB#18080 Silver Century

    For more information about FISTS Awards, available free to paid-up members worldwide, please see the Awards web page.
  • 07 Jan 17: Please join us in the first 2017 FISTS CW Club Europe Ladder sessions: Sunday 8 January 1400-1600 & 1800-2000 UTC.
    Activity is typically around 14.058, 7.028, & 3.558 MHz.  Exchange a minimum of:
        Name, QTH, RST, & member number (if applicable).

    QSOs are friendly and conversational.  Submitting logs is very much appreciated but not essential.  Members from all FISTS Chapters are encouraged to join in; QSOs do not have to be with FISTS members.
  • 05 Jan 17: The first 2017 session of the FISTS Americas Cumulatives is on Sunday 8 January 2000-2200 UTC.

    Bug key prizes will be awarded to the top 3 entrants at the end of the year! 

    This is a relaxed activity with minimum 5 minute QSOs.  Even if you don't want to send an entry in - and we hope you will - you can come along for some friendly QSOs and perhaps earn points towards FISTS Awards.

    The Cumulatives run on the 2nd and 4th Sundays throughout 2017.  QSOs must be at least 5 minutes long and on 80m, 40m, or 20m.  Exchange:
        RST, name, QTH or state, and member number (if applicable).

    Calling "CQ FISTS" is recommended.  Don't forget to log QSO end times!

    NOTE: FISTS CW Club Officers are NOT eligible for key prizes.

    See the full details on the website.  The free FISTS Log Converter program for Windows version 3.4.0 or later can be used to create and submit logs at the end of each month.  Select the "Activities" tab, then the month, and then "Cumulatives".
  • 01 Jan 17: We're very pleased to welcome our latest FISTS CW Club members:

    NameCallNo. NameCallNo. NameCallNo.
    ShoJH4DUQ#15189 MicahW5ABH#17968 DaveEI6AL#18098
    PeterVK6IS#15205 JerryW2GPK#17969 RobG4JGX#18099
    IanVK3IJB#15206 DavidKI7JJC#17970 SteveG0XAK#18100
    DavidK6CIM#17963 BillNM5BB#17971 BruceM0LMB#18101
    BruceW9AKX#17964 MarkWD4ELG#17972 PacoEA7AEV#18102
    StephenKZ5Q#17965 RichardKF7TUA#17973 MikIZ2FME#18103
    CliffKF7KU#17966 CarlKC1FLN#17974 AustinM0LAY#18105
    JohnVE7JBT#17967 JoshuaKA9LYH#17975 HansPA1ALV#18108
  • 01 Jan 17: If you haven't already, please submit your logs for the following December 2016 activities by their closing dates:
    Even if you only had one QSO or feel that you can't win, it's really helpful to send in logs to encourage others to join in.

    See the Activity Calendar web page for details on sending in FISTS Eu activity logs.
    See the EuCW Snakes & Ladders web page for details of sending in logs for it.
  • 01 Jan 17: Please submit your December logs for the FISTS CW Club Americas Cumulatives by the end of January 7th (ignore any warnings about late entries from FISTS Log Converter).

    Even if you only had one QSO, it's very helpful to send in logs to encourage others to join in and give you a chance of winning one of the Vibroplex bug key prizes.
  • 01 Jan 17: The "winter/spring" EuCW Snakes & Ladders run starts today Sunday 01 January and ends on 30 June UTC.

    If you've not participated previously, now is a great time to start.  QSOs must take at least five minutes, stations must be European stations and the mode must be CW.  Each station may be contacted once per day, irrespective of the band.

    For more details, please see the comprehensive rules.

    Have a very Happy New Year from all at FISTS CW Club.

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